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Guelph, ON

Grizzly Bear Coffee is a small coffee roaster in Guelph, roasting coffee in small batches using fair trade, organic green beans from around the world using sustainable energy.

My aim is have a coffee resource in Guelph that is personal, friendly and as fresh as can be.

About Grizzly Bear Coffee

Grizzly Bear Coffee sells coffee accessories in beautiful Guelph Ontario. My aim is have a coffee resource in Guelph that is personal, friendly, neighbourly and as fresh as can be.


Coffee is best when it’s fresh, so I roast it and then immediately bottle it in mason jars to preserve the freshness. It is then delivered to you or picked up in the handy-dandy jar that you can either reuse or return to me for your next order.

Coffee is freshest two to 14 days after it has been roasted. That's its peak as it is still emitting CO2. I like to keep my roast batches small so I can roast coffee on an as-needed basis.

The fair-trade coffee I sell is organically grown in many of the traditional regions of the world, such as South America, Africa and Indonesia.

Never had fresh roasted coffee before? You’ll be amazed with how much better coffee tastes when it is fresh. Most coffee you buy on the store shelves has been roasted months ago and is sitting there on the shelf going stale, bitter and sometimes rancid.

How did you get into coffee?

I grew up with my parents drinking coffee.  I loved that smell of the coffee and eventually started drinking it myself.  I love the way coffee is associated with conversation, creativity and comfort.  I love that coffee is a simple drink while at the same time there are complexities and variations based on the beans, brewing methods and culture. I got into roasting coffee a few years ago after seeing some of friends trying to roast coffee using a hot air popcorn popper. It looked like a fun thing to do but I wanted to try it at a bit of a higher level so I bought a home roaster which I still use occasionally. I told a few friends that I was roasting coffee and a few of them asked if they could try some. Those friends told other friends and it just kind of snowballed from there!


You can sign up for the coffeeshare at any time.  Ill let you know when the next roasting session is and you can jump right in!

I offer delivery in the Guelph downtown area, The Ward, and Old University neighbourhoods 

Delivery Area

Coffeeshare Delivery Area

How DO I Order?

There are two options to order coffee: On an individual basis or join the coffeeshare club! You can order coffee in 500mL or 1L size jar size.


In some ways Fair Trade and Organic mean that the grower or buyer has taken the time to ensure that no pesticides were used as well as providing the farmer with a fair price for the coffee.  On the negative side, the countries that coffee bean grow in are not always the most ethical of places and there can be a lot of questionable practices undertaken to ensure that profits are maximized.  If they can sell what they say is a ‘organic’ bean, there is sometimes not checks and balances in place to ensure that these beans are actually ‘organic’.  In addition, some countries do not even have these measures in place to claim to be organic because the industry is not that modernized.  However, farmers in these countries do not use pesticides because it is not even available to them, making them organic.

Being a small roaster, I am not able to visit the farms myself and inspect them so I have to go on the claims from the importers and coffee buyers. 


Trial and error with my profile roaster.  I will roast small batches of the bean at different roast levels and see what tastes best to me.  After I find a roast that I think best matches the bean I transfer that information to my bigger roaster and go from there with a bigger batch.