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Hello there! Grizzly Bear Coffee sells coffee accessories in beautiful Guelph Ontario. My aim is have a coffee resource in Guelph that is personal, friendly, neighbourly and as fresh as can be.


Does Dark Roast Coffee Really Have More Caffeine?

When it comes to coffee, there’s something everyone’s talking about and nobody is talking about: caffeine. For people who drink and enjoy coffee, caffeine is on the mind and a wonderful tasting cup is a big bonus. For the folks who work in the coffee industry, we tend to want to think we’re in the deliciousness business and a part of a beautiful value chain, not that we’re administering legal drugs in liquid form. Of course, great coffee can be both things, but as is so often true about the common and ubiquitous, very little is known about the science of caffeine consumption, and there are many misconceptions around it.

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